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We build powerfully simple tools to make Open Access easy and equitable.

  1. Paper deposit

    ShareYourPaper makes papers Open Access via self-archiving for free. It’s a quick way to increase a research paper’s impact for authors and libraries.

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  2. Inter-library loans


    InstantILL makes Interlibrary loans less expensive & simpler for users, without the need for big deals. Through, it’s powering a global response to COVID-19.

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  3. Open Access delivery


    OAbutton provides free access to papers legally by scouring the web and emailing authors. Use it on the website, via plugins for Chrome and Firefox, or embed it into your library system.

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  4. Open Access reporting


    OA.Report translates policy to impact by helping libraries and funder discover papers covered by their policies, analyze if and how papers comply, and unlock individual papers and systemic changes.

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  5. Researcher help desk


    OA.Support’s expert team helps libraries and funders answer author questions within 24 hours, remind researchers of outreach that may have been missed, and report on authors progress and challenges.

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