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Open makes a difference in the lives of real people across disciplines and borders.

  1. OA.Works for Mental health

    Firefighters wearing their full gear stand behind the flames of training blaze
    Photo by Matt Chesin

    “I’m a student at the Cronkite Journalism school at Arizona State. I’m writing a story for my intermediate reporting class on firefighters who suffer from PTSD and I’d like to gain more insight and statistics.”

    Written in search of

    Firefighting and mental health: experiences of repeated exposure to trauma

  2. OA.Works for Social change

    A row of tents on a city street where homeless people camp.
    Photo by Nathan Dumlao

    “I am working as an organiser on a housing campaign with Syrian refugees and homeless families in Belfast. This research would be really useful for our work in fighting for better rights.”

    Written in search of

    Chilean housing policy: a pendant human rights perspective

  3. OA.Works for Medical practice

    Six vials of blood in test tubes alternating purple and orange tops.
    Photo by National Cancer Institute

    “I work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have a 27 year old patient from Colombia without siblings, so we are trying to perform a haplo transplant.”

    Written in search of

    Haploidentical donor transplants for severe aplastic anemia

  4. OA.Works for Big deal cancellations

    A scanning electron microscope image shows dendritic cells, pseudo-colored in green, interacting with T cells, pseudo-colored in pink.
    Photo by National Cancer Institute

    “This article is important for management of patients but is no longer available to providers at University of California institutions due to discontinuation of the UC contract with Elsevier.”

    Written in search of

    Combination of hyper-CVAD with ponatinib as first-line therapy for patients with Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: long-term follow-up of a single-centre, phase 2 study

  5. OA.Works for Environmental studies

    Ground level view of farmland shows the soil between two rows of sprouting plants.
    Photo by Dylan de Jonge

    “I am a high school senior in Tucson, Arizona. I have a growing interest in soil ecology, and can see myself either pursuing a career in environmental conservation. This article would help set me on the right path.”

    Written in search of

    The world at your feet: desert biological soil crusts

  6. OA.Works for Personal health

    In the dark sits a purple-lit sensory deprivation tank with a top lid open above it showing the water within.
    Photo by Galen Crout

    “My husband has contracted Bell’s Palsy and I’ve been searching for a way to create a moisture chamber (without spending lots of money).”

    Written in search of

    Glad Press’n Seal for the Treatment of Chronic Exposure Keratopathy

  7. OA.Works for Medical practice

    A woman nurse wears a blue gown stained with red during a street protest.
    Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

    “I would like to include the study for my paper which is about the effect of traumatic events on emergency department nurses. This paper is required in order to get my bachelor’s degree.”

    Written in search of

    An exploration of factors associated with post-traumatic stress in ER nurses

  8. OA.Works for Research

    Two women posing next to each other in an office. The black woman is wearing a dark suit and the white woman is wearing a grey suit.
    Photo by Christina @

    “I am writing a report on the effects of globalization for women in the workplace around the world and this article would benefit my research!”

    Written in search of

    The effect of globalization on women’s rights in MENA region

  9. OA.Works for Social change

    A pile of board game letters spells out V-O-T-E.
    Photo by Glen Carrie

    “I’m a committee member of the Democratic political party for my town. This research looks like it would be persuasive in convincing leadership to put more specialized effort into recruitment.”

    Written in search of

    Always running: candidate emergence among women of color over time

  10. OA.Works for Personal health

    Two men performing surgery wearing blue smocks
    Photo by Olga Guryanova

    “I have to chose between these 2 surgeries. I want to make an informed decision as it is my body and I only get one.”

    Written in search of

    Comparison of the clinical and functional outcomes following 3- and 4-corner fusions

  11. OA.Works for Social change

    Aerial photograph of smoke-covered trees in Yosemite Valley, California
    Photo by JOHN TOWNER

    “I am an intern for a non-profit organization working to improve community resilience in the aftermath of the fires in Northern California. I have been tasked with creating and offering programming to higher education institutions in our area and prefer to keep my material to high empirical standards.”

    Written in search of

    Resilience in higher education students: a scoping review

  12. OA.Works for Education

    Gold-coloured dog on moss-covered rock surrounded by flowers
    Photo by Jamie Street

    “I’m making a paper for school. I choose to look if dogs have a positive influence on children with ADHD. I think that this article can be an answer to my question!”

    Written in search of

    Investigation of physiological and behavioral responses in dogs participating in animal-assisted therapy with children diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

  13. OA.Works for Research

    Aerial photograph of numerous solar panels
    Photo by Macau Photo Agency

    “I’m conducting research on the cost of customer acquisition in the US Residential Solar Industry for my Master’s thesis. This article would be important to understand the impacts of high customer acquisition costs on the marginal propensity to purchase solar, and then would enable me to calculate the carbon impact of high customer acquisition costs.”

    Written in search of

    Using a system dynamics model to assess the effects of capital subsidies and feed-in tariffs on solar pv installations

  14. OA.Works for Medical practice

    Microscopic photography of stress fibers and microtubules in human breast cancer cells
    Photo by National Cancer Institute

    “I do clinical research for individual patients with breast cancer. This research article is very important for this effort. I am deeply thankful for your dedication in making your important research available to all.”

    Written in search of

    Trastuzumab deruxtecan (ds-8201a) in patients with advanced her2-positive breast cancer previously treated with trastuzumab emtansine: a dose-expansion, phase 1 study.

  15. OA.Works for Education

    High-angle photograph of people sitting in classroom
    Photo by Mikael Kristenson

    “I am in a nursing research class learning how to present evidence based practice, quantitative studies. This is the subject content my group chose to present. This content will help me learn how to interpret research and determine validity of evidence.”

    Written in search of

    Hand massage therapy for pain management after cardiac surgery: acceptability and feasibility in the intensive care unit

  16. OA.Works for Social change

    Silhouette of people at sunset
    Photo by Tim Marshall

    “I am writing a paper on the cultural competencies for working with at risk youth in Native communities.”

    Written in search of

    The relationship of adverse childhood experiences to ptsd, depression, poly-drug use and suicide attempt in reservation-based native american adolescents and young adults

  17. OA.Works for Education

    Three women in pink floral hijabs surrounded by flowering tree
    Photo by Hasan Almasi

    “I want to use your article for my research of Muslim women’s right and symbolic meanings of hijab in modern world. This is for my work in high school and it’s important to me to graduate with a good score.”

    Written in search of

    Hijab, visibility and the performance of identity

  18. OA.Works for Education

    Softly-lit brown & white horse in a stable
    Photo by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes

    “I am a veterinary behaviorist at UC Davis and wish to be able to fully reference this article when teaching veterinary students.”

    Written in search of

    Frequent riding sessions daily elevate stress, blood lactic acid, and heart rate of thoroughbred riding horses