What our community says about us and our work.

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    About OA.works

    Ashley Farley

    “Open enables our grantees and their communities to better fight inequity and help everyone lead healthy, productive lives. That’s why we’re investing in open tools that support making open simpler and more equitable. In OA.Works, we’ve found a partner who shares our values of optimism, collaboration, rigor, and innovation.”

    — Program Officer of Knowledge and Research Services at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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    About OAButton.org

    Sarah Wipperman

    “Figuring out if a paper can go into a repository is one of the biggest barriers to Open Access. That’s why we worked with the Open Access Button to turn our on-campus dataset into a global service that simplifies and explains the process to authors and libraries!”

    — Scholarly Communication Librarian

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    About ShareYourPaper.org

    Iryna Kuchma

    “ShareYourPaper removes the challenge of depositing the right version at the right time that many researchers and repository managers face. Open Access Button facilitates free access to journal articles. It’s critical that these essential infrastructures be free, open source, and built with the community!”

    — Open Access Programme Manager at Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL)

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    About InstantILL.org

    Peter Bae

    “Finding an OA article is not an easy task even for librarians whose job is getting materials for their patrons. With InstantILL, finding what’s available on the net has become very easy. InstantILL has greatly helped our new international resource sharing initiative, RSCVD, in responding to Covid-19.”

    — Assistant University Librarian for Scholarly Collections Services at Princeton University at International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

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    About InstantILL.org

    Tina Baich

    “InstantILL is community-owned infrastructure that improves our services, helps reduce dependency on subscriptions, and advances equitable access to information”

    — Senior Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication & Content Strategies at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

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    About ShareYourPaper.org

    Leila Sterman

    “We’re excited to finally build everything we’ve learned from mediated deposit into a simple tool, not a dozen workarounds, that enables every library to make self-archiving not just the right thing, but the easy thing, for every author.”

    — Scholarly Communication Librarian & Assistant Professor at Montana State University Library