Many small changes add up to a more just system.

  • 32,000
    Stories shared

    The Open Access movement is propelled by stories of paywalls holding back progress. Through our tools, we’ve told powerful stories of real people affected by our broken system.

  • 25,000
    Policies tracked

    ShareYourPaper Permissions has openly documented how to make your paper Open Access for 85% of papers and counting.

  • 8,500
    Papers and books supplied during Covid

    When Libraries around the world were closed due to Covid, we worked with IFLA to fill the gap with RSCVD.

  • 6,500,000
    Searches for Open Access

    Finding Open Access content wasn't always as easy as it today. We helped pioneer approaches, and today still help deliver Open Access articles.

  • 680,000
    Searches for OA in ILL systems

    We led the way for integrating Open Access into Interlibrary Loan systems. Every OA article delivered is money saved for libraries, quicker delivers for patrons, and one step closer to Open by default.

  • 6
    Guides to using and making Open Access

    Some of our guides have been cited hundreds of times.

  • 1000
    Papers made open for free

    Our tools help authors make their work Open Access for free.

  • 100s
    Libraries use & recommend the tools

    Libraries big and small including MIT, Cambridge and JHU suggest their patrons use OpenAccessButton.

  • 13,000
    Authors educated on Open Access

    We’ve worked with authors around the world to show them why Open Access matters, and how easy it can be.