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What we stand for and what inspires our work.

We express them in what we build, for whom, and how. They’re why we choose open-source, non-profit ownership, and an ethical business model.

  1. Our theory of change

    Build for

    We build tools to help make the open and equitable choice the easy choice, and the easy choice the norm.

  2. How we collaborate

    Problems into

    We form close partnerships with librarians and advocates to co-design just systems for open access, open data, and open research.

  3. Our product ethos

    Ideals into

    We are anchored and inspired by librarianship’s core values. Their values are our values, and our products aim to realize them.

  4. How we work

    Joy in

    We don’t let the difficulty of the world and the rigor of our work get in the way of our agility, playfulness, and humanity.