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Vision & mission

We build powerfully simple open access tools for a just and kind information age.


A just and kind information age

Society’s environmental, political, and informational ecosystems are breaking. We’re striving for a world where our knowledge ecosystem reduces inequality, protects human rights, and feels kinder. That starts with opening up how we share research.

Too often people are blocked from sharing what they know by a system which puts paywalls in front of their work or simply stops them publishing in the first place. We want to make publishing fair, free, and open while rewriting the rules to include people too often marginalized.


To build powerfully simple open access tools

Open Access promises equitable knowledge sharing, but we have a long journey ahead to realize it. To help us get there faster, we build tools that make doing open access equitably easier. We co-design with libraries, researchers, and educators — those at the forefront of shaping and sharing knowledge in the public interest.