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We’re OA.Works
(pronounced OA Works)

We’re a non-profit project funded by leading foundations and libraries.

You may have known us as the Open Access Button.

Our tools make open access easy and equitable

They're free, open source, and built in partnership with librarians and advocates using openness to create a more just and kind world.


Hi, we’re so glad you’re here 👋

We’re working for a world where our systems for sharing knowledge reduce inequality, protect human rights, and feel kinder. That starts with opening up how we share research.

At OA.Works, we’re partnered with libraries, scholars, educators, and the people who fund them so that research is read openly, used easily, and published freely. We need to anchor information dissemination in the pursuit of justice and in the service of kindness.

We build tools like that make it simple to freely and legally unlock papers from behind paywalls. We helped create a global network of libraries sharing knowledge freely during COVID through RSCVD. Our tools like InstantILL and Open Access Button support accessing research without a steep price tag. In the past decade, our products have been used millions of times, across the world.

We founded OA.Works in 2013 as students in reaction to a corporatized and locked down scholarly publishing landscape. Today, our work is driven by a dedicated and expert team, supported by generous funding, and committed to a strong set of values that keep us driven towards our goal.

We’re OA.Works, and that’s our commitment: to make Open Access Work.

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