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Advisory committee

Our advisory committee governs our work, and is drawn from the community members we serve and that share our values.

Learn more about our governance at our governance and transparency pages. You can contact the advisory committee by emailing [email protected].

  • Headshot of Leila Sterman

    Chair (2022—ongoing)

    Leila Sterman (she/her)

    Leila has been a scholarly communication librarian since 2013 interested in how we trust systems in academia and how Open can improve those systems. As a scholarly communication librarian at MSU, she’s had a significant impact on the campus’s scholarly discourse. She runs a DSpace repository, resolves publishing and copyright issues, runs an OA author fund, publishes three OA journals, and has been a successful advocate for change (e.g passing an open access statement). She teaches oral communication skills to STEM doctoral students through a mix of podcasting and improv, while researching scholarly publishing, copyright, oral communication, and open access. Leila is a highly active community member and is a member of the Open Repositories Steering Committee.

    Leila is an Associate Professor & Scholarly Communication Librarian at Montana State University.

  • Headshot of Tina Baich

    Board member (2022—ongoing)

    Tina Baich (she/her)

    Tina joined IUPUI University Library in 2006 and led the library’s resource sharing efforts for 12 years before moving into library administration. She also serves as SPARC’s Visiting Program Officer for the U.S. Repository Network and currently chairs the Standing Committee of IFLA’s Document Delivery & Resource Sharing Section. Tina is a recipient of ALA’s Virginia Boucher-OCLC Distinguished Interlibrary Loan Librarian award and Indiana University’s W. George Pinnell Award for Outstanding Service. Her writing has focused on the intersections of open access and interlibrary loan, and she has presented on this topic at state, regional, national and international conferences.

    Tina is Senior Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication & Content Strategies at IUPUI.

  • Headshot of Juan Pablo Alperin

    Board member (2022—ongoing)

    Juan Pablo Alperin (he/him)

    Juan is a multi-disciplinary scholar who uses a combination of computational techniques and traditional qualitative methods to investigate ways of raising the scientific quality, global impact, and public use of scholarly work. He is best known as a leading voice in the open access (OA) and open science (OS) communities who can intermediate between the Latin American experiences and the discussions about OA and OS worldwide.

    Juan is an Associate Professor in the Publishing Program, the co-Scientific Director of the Public Knowledge Project, and the co-Director of the Scholarly Communications Lab.

  • Headshot of Nick Shockey

    Board member (2022—ongoing)

    Nick Shockey (he/him)

    Nick Shockey is the Director of Programs & Engagement at SPARC, where he has worked since 2009. Nick works across SPARC to identify areas to better support member libraries, co-leads SPARC’s negotiations and privacy communities of practice, manages SPARC’s digital platforms, and leads SPARC’s student and next generation-focused initiatives, including organizing OpenCon and OpenCon’s collaborations with the United Nations Library.

    Nick is the Director of Programs & Engagement at SPARC and founding Director of the Right to Research Coalition.