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We’re a non-profit project fiscally sponsored by Code for Science & Society and governed by our Advisory Committee.

Good governance is critical to stewarding our products, being a good partner, and being a trusted community member.

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee represents our community’s interests. Its job is not just to advise. It has the power to oversee our strategy, uphold our values, and support our team, all in service of our mission and vision.

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Code for Science & Society

Code for Science & Society (CS&S) is a 501(c)(3) US public charity focusing on the social and organizational infrastructure required for data to improve lives. They fiscally sponsor projects to empower communities to work together and build innovative technology for the public good. CS&S has been sponsoring an incredible set of projects since 2017, and they specialize in supporting small open source projects in scholarly communications.

The board of CS&S takes on the legal and fiduciary obligations of a nonprofit board of directors for their fiscally sponsored projects. However, OA.Works remains responsible for strategic decisions, with CS&S offering guidance when requested, and our Advisory Committee can choose to set up an independent non-profit or move to another fiscal sponsor.

About fiscal sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a common practice where non-profits advance their mission by supporting mission-aligned projects with financial and operational services. It allows our team to focus on advancing our mission while partnering with experts to manage payroll, fiduciary oversight, financial management, and the other administrative services required to operate as a non-profit. These services are supported by a fee. Fiscal sponsorship is a common setup for small nonprofit projects like ours, especially in the USA.

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Principles for Open Scholarly Infrastructure

As we mature, we’re building increasing alignment with the Principles for Open Infrastructure (POSI).


Find detailed information about our finances, funding, corporate documents, and more on our transparency page.


Established: April 26th 2021
Last updated: October 18th 2022